Kievan Chant

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Kievan Chant

Chesnokov’s Kievan Chant Anaphora

Pavel Chesnokov is one of the big names in late 19th and early 20th century Russian liturgical music. Depending upon his mood, he might set something from an austere chant tradition or free-compose a deeply-layered choral masterpiece. In this instance he took a simple chant melody from the square-note service books and gave it a very simple setting for male chorus.

The Wise Thief – Kievan Chant

The default setting of the Exaposteilarion of Great and Holy Friday for those in the Russian tradition seems to be one of the Kievan chant settings, so why am I adding my voice to the din? Well, for years I have thought about composing a full-choir companion setting to my own treble-trio version. Then a couple weeks ago I realized that in fact the Kievan chant setting would work just fine with it.