Kievan Chant resurrectional aposticha in the eight tones

As a continuation of my project to digitize Boris Ledkovsky’s Kievan-chant setting of Resurrectional Vespers, here are the stichera to be sung at the Aposticha, in all eight tones. The text in use is based on the 1967 Metropolia texts, but with emendations where these texts did not line up with the Greek and Slavonic originals.

Liturgical Use
aposticha-1.pdf (289.24 KB)
aposticha-2.pdf (286.95 KB)
aposticha-3.pdf (280.66 KB)
aposticha-4.pdf (283.79 KB)
aposticha-5.pdf (291.6 KB)
aposticha-6.pdf (287.45 KB)
aposticha-7.pdf (272.72 KB)
aposticha-8.pdf (284.98 KB)
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